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Mission: energy savings

Applications which practically run in continuous operation have great potential to save energy. This includes, for example, refrigerated display cases, bottle coolers, and underfloor convectors. Thanks to GreenTech EC technology, iQ motors from ebm-papst enable energy savings of up to 70 percent compared to existing shaded-pole motors as they have a much better level of efficiency. The intelligent iQ² motors also provide additional functions such as "Two Speed", "Reverse on Start" (ROS), "Reverse on Demand" (ROD), and are also available as motors in 24 V DC with speed control.
As drive motors for tangential blowers, they represent a simple and convenient way to change over to EC technology.


  • Brochure

    Tangential blowers with multiple housings

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  • Brochure

    Tangential blowers

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Applications for iQ / iQ²

iQ / iQ²

Numerous supermarket chains use the intelligent and environmentally friendly iQ motors in refrigerated display cases, refrigerated and freezer units, vegetable aisles, and bottle coolers. They are suitable for all applications where food is processed or displayed.


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