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They heat or cool

Tangential blowers are perfectly suited for distributing heat and cold. They are always used in cases which require an even air flow with a low installation height. In this way they cool, for example, the stove jacket, thereby protecting the surrounding cabinets or electronics, and helping appliances to have a long service life. By contrast, in storage heaters, stoves, or heaters, they ensure that the warm air is distributed in the whole room. In cooling applications, the laminar air flow of the tangential blowers ensures that air flows through the evaporator efficiently and with little noise. Customers can choose between asymmetrical shaded-pole motors, capacitor motors, or GreenTech EC motors with integrated commutation electronics.


Blowers for fuel cells in condensing technology

Tangential blowers can be found in many appliances in commercial kitchens. They operate in bottle coolers, refrigerated or heated display cabinets, refrigeration units, or commercial ovens. They are also used in professional dishwashers or dryers, or storage heaters, pellet ovens, or underfloor convectors.



Tangential blowers

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