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Not a drop left behind

Dishwashers are not only supposed to clean your plates, but also dry them evenly. Process air blowers ensure that no spots or drops remain on the dishes. In the catering trade, turbo-charged drying is required. After the rinsing cycle, they therefore carefully and actively dry cups, glasses, etc. They are also used in dryers and washer dryers. Here, they dry the laundry quickly, efficiently, and extremely quietly. In the course of this, the process air blowers meet high protection requirements when it comes to aggressive environmental influences. This means they can be used without hesitation despite the moisture and cleaning and washing chemical residues.

Applications for process blowers

Process air blowers

You can find process air blowers in private homes in household appliances such as dishwashers, dryers, and washer dryers. But they are also used in industry. Here they can be found in laundromats, washing-up units, or in food processing facilities.


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