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Household appliances

including range hoods, ranges, dryers, refrigerators, microwave devices, hand dryers, ovens, and commercial kitchen equipment

Part of everyday life: the next generation of household appliances

Many of the kitchen aids available nowadays have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. The same can be said of ebm-papst's products, which can be found in almost every household appliance. The powerful motors, fans, and blowers from ebm-papst ensure that everything runs smoothly in the kitchen, while also minimizing energy consumption. 

Special solutions for special requirements.

All appliances are in constant use in the catering trade. Every breakdown means economic losses, so trouble-free operation of ranges and ovens, heated and cooled displays and dishwashers is essential. Our products are ideally suited to these requirements.

ebm-papst – the sustainable company.

Technology, environment, people.

"Every new product must be ecologically and economically superior to its predecessor." ebm-papst founder Gerhard Sturm coined this guiding principle right back in 1963. Ever since, our workers have been putting this into practice with the development of energy-efficient GreenTech products at the very highest level.