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Clear air, even in the kitchen

Wherever you cook, there will be smells, steam, and grease particles in the air. Range hoods can provide help here so that these don’t disperse across your entire living space. The blower and filter are fundamental components in this. With the new platform of dual-inlet blowers – VHD 146 – the right activated carbon filters can easily be installed on the blower itself. ebm-papst blowers, whether with or without housing, are compact and are extremely easy to install. They also excel with a pleasantly low noise level even at high power levels.

The blowers are used in wall and island, as well as built-in hoods, for example. ebm-papst also offers a wide range of adapted fans for other types, such as built-in telescopic hoods, ceiling-mounted hoods, or downdraft systems.

As a skilled development partner with a great deal of expertise, ebm-papst supports its customers from the very beginning in launching competitive and innovative products on the market.

Range hoods

The advantages of ebm-papst blowers in range hoods:

  • Compact design with external rotor motor for easy integration
  • Sufficient suction power combined with a low noise level at all times
  • Suitable solutions for all common hood concepts
  • Extremely smooth operation

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  • Dimensions
  • Performance data 
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